Edge container cloud

Wide coverage, massive nodes, cost-effective edge container service


Technical characteristics

Combining the technical advantages of traditional CDN and P2P, focusing on streaming media transmission scenarios

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    Massive nodes, high quality and stability

    The scale of nodes exceeds one million, with balanced distribution across the country, stable nodes, high-quality bandwidth, and high-speed storage

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    Fast deployment and instant delivery

    Standardized container configuration, zero-threshold Docker distribution in seconds, ready to use and quickly go online, saving time and meeting needs quickly

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    T-class bandwidth,mass storage

    T-class bandwidth and storage of operators in the whole region

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    District coverage and intelligent scheduling

    Covering multiple provinces, cities, communities, operators, massive nodes. It can serve nearby areas, intelligently dispatch, and realize data storage and recall faster.

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    Scale on demand, cost-effective

    Through P2P technology, dynamic expansion and contraction according to business needs, billing according to the amount, collection granularity accurate to the second, better cost performance, and greatly reduce customer costs

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    Easy to use and easy to access

    Create and manage edge nodes through the console, customize the configuration, flexible use, ready to use, quickly go online, save time

Easy to use and easy to access

Customers only need to do 2 things

1. Select node resources

2. Package the container image

Zero threshold --- Docker second distribution

Ready to use --- Get online quickly and save time

Save resources-No need to repeat self-built tedious projects


High-quality nodes and stable services

Big nodes all adopt brands

Ensure the unity of the operating system version and basic environment of all nodes to avoid the problem of heterogeneous equipment​​

Large nodes are hosted in a standard IDC computer room

Ensure the stability of the node operation and facilitate our management of a large number of scattered nodes

Realize global monitoring of all nodes, real-time monitoring, early detection of node failures before customers, quick repair


Mass resources, stable supply

Mass resource nodes, evenly distributed across the country, nearby area services, real-time scheduling, second-level services, ensuring stable supply


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