ECDN is the Eage CDN, a P2P-CDN service that converges cloud edge nodes

Integrate traditional CDN transmission capabilities to provide compatible management interfaces and service quality. The improved P2P supply-demand separation model is more friendly to mobile and Web. P2P edge super nodes can cache more content and provide cheaper bandwidth


The core value of the ECDN

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    High stablity

    P2P technology and CDN technology back up each other, no matter who has an abnormality, they can still provide reliable services. The technical solution has been verified by a large number of users for a long time in PPTV.

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    High performance

    We use the multi-point transmission, weak network anti-packet technology and 4K/8K ultra-high-definition video, then the stall rate in a weak network environment is only 1/20 of that of a traditional CDN..

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    Various equipment and bandwidth at the edge of the hybrid cloud greatly reduce costs: reducing CDN transmission costs by 50%

Fast dispatch and regional service

Massive resource nodes, nearby area service, real-time scheduling, second-level service, quality assurance

Low latency for live broadcast, only adding 500~1000ms


High strength and safety

1. Anti-leech

Anti-leech chain mechanism compatible with CDN

2. Prevent tampering

The global verification mechanism guarantees the consistency of resources across the network

3. Data encryption

Data storage in blocks, data encryption storage

4. Support HTTPS

Support HTTPS protocol


Massive stable resources distributed throughout the country

Mass service equipment is distributed uniformly, service is stable, channels are diversified, 1 million+ online stable online equipment


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